Mohsen Bazianfar – Biography and Artistic Life

Photographer, director and calligrapher

Member of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP)

Instructor of the Young Cinema Association

I am Mohsen Bazianfar, born on August 20, 1981 in Mashhad. I live in Tehran. I started my artistic activity at the age of 13 by attending the Nastaliq calligraphy classes of Master Abdollahi and benefiting from the presence of Master Shirazi and received an excellent certificate from the Tehran Calligraphers Association in 1996. I started analog photography after that. I got a diploma in mathematics and physics from Molla Sadra High School in Tehran in 1999.

After that, I started learning graphic software under the supervision of Master Khoshbakhti and got my AutoCAD certificate from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and my industrial 3D modeling certificate from Nikhangam Company under the supervision of the Ministry of Industries and Mines. Then I founded an advertising company (Haft Naghsh Bikaran) and worked there. Interior and exterior design are among my other skills that I have also pursued. I studied in the field of (animation directing) while working and got an associate degree in this field in 2007.

I started digital photography professionally in 2007 and learned from the great masters Masoud Tavajohi, Fakhreddin Fakhreddini and Farhood Haghi. After that, in 2020, I established a professional film and photo studio (Zhav) with the management of Mohsen Bazianfar in Mashhad.

Then I migrated to Tehran in 2013 and studied cinema directing in addition to my artistic activity. During this time, I taught photography and cinematography privately, and taught as an instructor in the Young Cinema Association.

These days I am more busy with professional photography and directing.

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