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Greetings and respect to friends and enthusiasts of my art. Amazing friends who have shown love and interest in me and my works over the past years. I thank God because He puts love in our hearts as a gift. All my being and possessions come from the utmost kindness of God, and everything that happens in my life is His will. Due to my interest in realism and realistic painting in particular, this feature is always present in most of my works and I follow this style of photography. By creating specific changes in the style of photography, lighting and editing photos, I try to show the photo closer to reality. I also believe that:

“Photos are a reflection of your identity. Ask your photographer not to make any changes to your identity.”

About me

I am Mohsen Bazianfar, a photographer, director, and calligrapher. Member of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) and instructor of the Young Cinema Association. Born in 1981, Iran – Mashhad and living in Tehran. I started my artistic activities at the age of 13 …

Singing birds - Photographer: Mohsen Bazianfar

Stranger and Soil

The performance of the Stranger and Soil is a joint work by the sculptor: Reza Asadi, the poet: Dr. Samaneh Asadi Nowghabi and the photographer: Mohsen Bazianfar in the November 23, 2012.

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Mahdieh Nassaj - actress

Acting in front of a photographic camera and capturing a picture

This article is about acting in front of the camera and capturing a picture. The author, Mohsen Bazianfar, is a professional photographer who shares his experiences in this field. He examines the differences between acting in front of the camera and a cinematographic camera and gives some important tips for actors and photographers. Written and photographed by: Mohsen Bazianfar Actress: Mahdieh Nassaj.

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Given the importance of cyberspace and social networks in today’s jobs, I hope that with my 20 years of ability, skill and experience and my team, we can provide you with the best services. It is obvious that when a group provides these services to you in an integrated manner, the final output of your work will be uniform, coherent and of higher quality.


film and theater - concert - portrait - fashion and beauty - industrial and ceremony


interview - industrial - music video - ceremony


short film - advertising video and music video

Video Edit

short film - advertising video and music video

Graphics and motion graphics

social Media - 2D animation - catalog and brochure

Web design

website design with custom features


calligraphy - composite - decorative on the wall of the house


photography and lighting - imaging

Artwork store

Given the needs of modern life and the need for artists and their works to be present in cyberspace, I decided to help preserve Iranian culture and civilization by setting up this exhibition and store to the best of my ability.

I invite the dear art lovers to visit and introduce this store to their friends and acquaintances, and to boost this space. And to promote the culture of buying artworks as gifts for friends.

Celebrity opinions

If you have a new project in the works, I would love to know about it. I am passionate about my work and always get excited about learning from your business and new experiences. Let’s do something big together.

So to start this collaboration, send me a short message.