Atila Pesyani

Atila Pesyani is one of the veteran actors of cinema, television and theater in Iran. He was born in Tehran in 1957 and graduated in theater acting and directing. He was the son of Jamileh Sheikhi, a cinema and television actress. He has two children, a son and a daughter, and his daughter Setareh is also a well-known actress.

Atila Pesyani is a famous Iranian actor, who was born in Tehran in 1957. He is the son of Jamileh Sheikhi, a renowned cinema actress and the husband of Fatemeh Naghavi, a theater actress. He has two children named Setareh and Khosrow, who are both actors. He has a bachelor’s degree in theater acting and directing from the Faculty of Fine Arts and entered cinema in 1981 with the film Afarit. He has played roles in many famous films and series, such as the series Sarbedaran, Bu Ali Sina, Khatun, Mother, Sara, Lost Innocence, Havana File, Gholamreza Takhti, the films Death of Yazdgerd, Negar and Chaos.

Atila Pesyani has also been active in theater and has directed or acted in many famous plays, such as Nam Bordeh, Talar Vahdat, Professor Bobos, The Devil’s Ship, The Dreaming Gang, The Cherry Orchard, The Gardener of Death and Crime and Punishment. He received the National Artist Honor Award in 1999. He also founded a acting school called Free Acting Workshop in 1994, which has introduced many new actors. Atila Pesyani is one of the critics of cultural policies and spoke in 2021 in criticism of the removal of Elnaz Habibi from one of the TV programs. He is currently battling cancer and continues his artistic activity.

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